How To Properly Clean Your Tent Material Fabric?

The tent fabric is not typical textiles. They are made from various special fabrics and require far more care and upkeep than just shaking off excess dirt. They are typically made from a variety of textiles including but not limited to Nylon, Rayon and Vinyl.

The tent fabrics are often designed with waterproofing, moulds and mildew resistance and UV rays and tear resistance. These can be small personal tents or large shade structure used in weddings, outdoor parties or industrial and military purposes as army prop tents. Regardless of size and functions, tents are made to withstand the outdoor elements. However, they are not indestructible. They need to be maintained and care for like any investment.

care for tents

In this article, we will discuss a quick list of things you can do to help your tent in great condition.


1) Regularly brush off dirt and debris from your tent while it is in use.

2) Wash your tent with water, a soft sponge and non-detergent soap. You can use tent cleaning product specifically for your tent fabric. It is good to ask your local manufacturer which product you can use on the fabric.

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3) Let your surplus tents dry completely after being washed or wiped down. Ensure that the whole tent including ratchets, ropes, poles, zippers and other components are moisture free, as mildew or old can easily grow on damp fabric.

4) Inspect your tent regularly. This requires checking the interior and the exterior of the tent for damage, in addition to the poles, zippers and screens.  Consistent and thorough inspections can add years to the life of your investment and prevent damages.


1)Don’t use a detergent on your tent fabric, this will break down the material and any speciality like UV and water resistance.

2) Avoid using bleach as the fabric will deteriorate and changes the colour of the tent’s fabric.

3) Don’t store the tent in the damp area, this can encourage the growth of mould and mildews.

4) Don’t let debris, dirt or items collected in the inside of your tent. This can cause damage to the fabric as well.

care for tents

By following these instructions. You will ensure that the investment you have made will last. If you are not sure to the best care of your tent. Always consult your tent textile supplier on how to clean and maintain your fabric of tents. If you consider going for camping, check out here to learn which tent you have to avoid in great detail.