Few Common Reasons Behind Car Damage – How To Avoid Them?

Automobiles are sensitive machines, especially your cars as they rely on various unified parts to function smoothly.

Impairment or complete destruction to any of these parts can be harmful to your vehicle.

None of the vehicle is bullet proof, at least cars sold out to the common man or with usual body and they require proper care and adequate maintenance.

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Go through the causes that are responsible behind the car damage and do read out the suggestions on how to avoid these damages:

Traffic and wrong driving accidents

This is smoothing that we all are well aware of, traffic hush-hush can do lot of damage. Your car could break down, your car bo-nut and tons of other things are there.

Sun damage

Heat, sunlight is not a friendly thing for the vehicles; in fact, flammable objects are total NO-NO in case of automobiles.

Obviously, sun is not an object, but it offers heat and UV radiations that could damage your car in various ways, like your car color will fade down due to regular exposure.

Your glass could break down due to regular exposure to heat, etc.

  • Attach a sun shade to your windshield when your vehicle is parked outside on a sunny day
  • Cover your vehicle with a car cover if it’s parked outside for extended periods of time.

Rain damage

Rain water can also damage the car, with rain water, lot of pollutants also flow down that can damage your car tyres, glasses and if there is a flood, your engine can go down.

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Parking under trees

While trees and shrubs offer great hue, it isn’t the best idea to park your vehicle under them permanent.

Parking your automobile under a tree exposes it to probably detrimental elements that fall season from the tree. (Do find out more about car insurance and various other benefits allied to it.)

Parrot droppings, for example, can cause car paint destruction and even rot the bodywork. In even more adverse conditions, something more damaging – like a heavy tree branch, or the genuine tree itself – can total your automobile.

Writen by Douglas M. Patton