Terminology And Concepts Behind PCB Or Printed Circuit Boards

To begin with, first, you need to know what a printed circuit board is.

A printed circuit board or PCB is a plate or a board that is used for placing the different kinds of components that imitate an electrical circuit that comprises of the electrical interconnections among them.

One of the simplest printed circuit boards are the ones that comprise of copper tracks or interconnects only on one of its exteriors, such kinds of PCBs are better known as 1 layer printed circuit board or 1 layer PCB.

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Out of various PCB’s manufactured today, there are ones that contain 2 layers, that is, you can find intersects in both surfaces of the board.

Though, depending on the corporeal complexity of the design (PCB layout), the boards can be mass-produced of 8 or more layers.


For mounting the electric powered components on the printed out circuit planks, an set up process is necessary. This process can be carried out yourself or through specific machinery.

The assemblage process requires the utilization of solder to put the components on the plank.

For avoiding or even to avoid the solder to unintentionally short-circuit two paths from different nets, control board pcba manufacturers apply a carry out or varnish called soldermask on both areas of the plank.

The most frequent color of soldermask found in printed circuit planks is green, accompanied by red and blue.

Silkscreen or Overlay

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Silk-screening is the procedure where the supplier prints home elevators the soldermask conducive to aid the functions of assembly, confirmation and repair.

Usually the silkscreen is imprinted for indicating test things as well the positioning, orientation and research of the electric components that are area of the circuit.

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And yes it can be utilized for any goal that the custom made may necessitate, for example, the business name, settings instructions, etc. The silkscreen can be branded on both floors of the panel.