Points To Consider To Buy Best Portable Charger For Mobile

Mobile phones have now become an integral part of every individual’s day to day life. Because smartphones are like mini computers with all the essential features and applications such as email, internet browsing, games, etc. However, the feature that is still not yet there in today’s smartphones is the long battery life.

Since so many applications run on smartphones consequently the battery of mobiles gets drained faster. To solve this problem people opt for portable charging solutions because these let you charge your mobile phone conveniently at any place as they are a portable device. There are numerous options of portable chargers available in the market.

Below mentioned are some essential points to consider while buying the portable charger:

  • Capacity and portability – The main spec to look out for in a portable charger is capacity, which is measured in milliamp-hours (mAh). The capacity of a mobile device’s battery is also measured in mAh.

  • Portable external battery charger input current – It’s easy to persuade yourself to buy a large-capacity battery pack. But one tends to forget that the higher the capacity, the longer it takes to recharge.

    Another factor that affects how long it takes to top up the charge is the battery pack’s input current. Most battery packs accept between 0.8A and 1.5A, with the higher currents typically found on the higher capacity ones.
  • Number of Ports – Higher capacity battery packs also usually come with more than one USB charging ports. The biggest advantage of additional ports is that you can charge more devices at the same time. The tip here is to find out the total output current of the battery pack when more than one ports are used.

Also, you may check out this URL to know in detail about the advantages of using portable charging solutions for smartphones. This gadget truly makes lives easier and helps in continuing our work on mobiles without the worry of battery drainage.

What Are The Modules Of Human Resource Management System?

Human Resource Management System is simply a linkage between human resource management and information technology. It automates many aspects of human resource management.  

This is the best way for improving efficiency, increasing productivity and for reducing the overall time of project completion. You can check more about human resource management at http://www.d-bit.com.au/.

Nowadays there are many organizations that are well aware of the benefits of implementing HR Management Systems. With this system, the operation becomes much smoother than before and analysis of employee’s performance gets easier.


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In HR Management System there are many modules which are related to the duties of the Human Resources Department. With these modules, it becomes easier for the employe to focus on the task and its accomplishment.

The basic software packages will also contain almost all the modules of Human Resource Management System such as:

Payroll Module

The function of the payroll module is to automate the payroll process and to ensure that there is a null error during calculation. It even takes care of task completion before the salary date.

In the case of basic Human Resource Management System, HR is required to enter the attendance and timekeeping records manually.


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On the contrary, in advanced Human Resource Management System, the attendance is recorded through electronic cards or a tracker that is connected to employee’s computer.

HR Management Module

In this particular module, you will find a different solution for application data analysis, demographic details of each employee in the company and other HR functions. You can check here to know more about management system. 

The main function of this module is to provide an effective way to control the Human Capital Pool or HCP of the business. It is done by keeping track of training, qualifications, and skills of each employee.

Talent Management Module

This module simplifies the process of recruitment and talent acquisition. The functions performed by talent management module are:

  •    Analyzing the usage of human resources
  •    Identifying potential candidates
  •    Help HR team to recruit people via company facing listing

Terminology And Concepts Behind PCB Or Printed Circuit Boards

To begin with, first, you need to know what a printed circuit board is.

A printed circuit board or PCB is a plate or a board that is used for placing the different kinds of components that imitate an electrical circuit that comprises of the electrical interconnections among them.

One of the simplest printed circuit boards are the ones that comprise of copper tracks or interconnects only on one of its exteriors, such kinds of PCBs are better known as 1 layer printed circuit board or 1 layer PCB.

China PCB production is worldly renowned, they are specially know for the enteric work done by them the quality they offer.

Joga PCb
Out of various PCB’s manufactured today, there are ones that contain 2 layers, that is, you can find intersects in both surfaces of the board.

Though, depending on the corporeal complexity of the design (PCB layout), the boards can be mass-produced of 8 or more layers.


For mounting the electric powered components on the printed out circuit planks, an set up process is necessary. This process can be carried out yourself or through specific machinery.

The assemblage process requires the utilization of solder to put the components on the plank.

For avoiding or even to avoid the solder to unintentionally short-circuit two paths from different nets, control board pcba manufacturers apply a carry out or varnish called soldermask on both areas of the plank.

The most frequent color of soldermask found in printed circuit planks is green, accompanied by red and blue.

Silkscreen or Overlay

PCB supplier

Silk-screening is the procedure where the supplier prints home elevators the soldermask conducive to aid the functions of assembly, confirmation and repair.

Usually the silkscreen is imprinted for indicating test things as well the positioning, orientation and research of the electric components that are area of the circuit.

(Read this blog to get more technical details on PCB manufacturing.)

And yes it can be utilized for any goal that the custom made may necessitate, for example, the business name, settings instructions, etc. The silkscreen can be branded on both floors of the panel.